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Normalize negotiation so that every person has the skills and tools to negotiate and improve their financial future.

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Create a better financial future for every person through negotiation and honest career conversations.

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Equip every person with the tools they need to negotiate a better future and take action in their career.

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Been there. Take these actions if you find out you’re underpaid.

No funds left?

Your boss said there weren’t any funds left? Take these steps.

Salary Expectations?

What are your salary expectations? Read to find out how to respond.


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“Thanks to your tips, I negotiated a $55k offer to a $65k offer, coming from a $43k in person, going to $65k fully remote!”

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“Wanted to thank you for creating content that encouraged me to ask for paid maternity leave. I got it. So glad I didn’t wait around for the government… Appreciate what you’re doing here!”

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“Thank you for giving me the motivation to do better! … I made the decision to look elsewhere and now have a new offer for 25k more at a better company and am in the midst of negotiating the new offer.”

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