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Welcome friend.

Molly here. I’m the one behind the scenes (the one obsessed with negotiation). I’ve posted about negotiation on my Instagram account @negotiatethis basically every day for the last couple of years & written a few dozen blog posts on negotiation & other career topics, so… yeah. You could say I’m committed to the cause. Obsessed is an understatement.

Everything I consume, I see through the lens of how to help you negotiate or how to help you with your career. Blogging about negotiation, tips, strategies and the workplace. Check out the blog posts to read my latest career and negotiation thoughts. 

(she/her) cis/straight/white  – Why is that important? To create brand accountability and transparency so that those reading know how identity and privilege may impact posts and content. #brandaccountability 

Blog Posts

Blog posts stem from lived experience paired with a heck of a lot of research. Everything I consume, I see through the lens of negotiation & career equity. Honest career conversations paired with negotiation tips.


Let’s create a better financial future for every employee by equipping them with the tools they need to take action in their career. Better yet, let’s have companies do the work instead.

The blog

There’s a lot that goes into negotiation. It’s psychology, career knowledge, market research, leadership, knowing yourself, & more.

Negotiation Tips

Come along and learn the tips you need to have an edge in your negotiation.

Lived Experience

A lot of what I write about comes from my own lived experience. Read what I’ve learned both from my own negotiations & the negotiations of others.

Motivation &… More

Who doesn’t need negotiation motivation? We all do now and again. But sometimes… we just need a little bit of sass about our situation, too. I’ve been there… And I write about it. Buckle up. I’ve got opinions 🙂