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Changes Are Way Overdue in Hiring: What’s Needed? Pay Transparency & New Norms For Starters

Changes are way overdue in hiring. Out with the old, antiquated systems. In with what is needed: pay transparency, new norms, and an ethics lesson for companies. It is quite obvious that changes are way overdue in hiring.

The most recent recruiting & career faux pas is below:

The Post: "I just offered a candidate $85,000 for a job that Had a budget of $130K. I offered her that because that's what she asked for. & I personally don't have the bandwidth to give lessons on salary negotiation. Here's the lesson: ALWAYS ASK FOR THE SALARY YOU WANT (DESERVE), no matter how large you think it might be. You never know how much money a company has to work with.

After this LinkedIn learning example, I hope it’s more than obvious that it is so unethical to underpay people. It just is. 

If someone asks for a number well below market rate or their obvious worth, you tell them that. If you didn’t know before, I hope you know now. This is one key reason why changes are way overdue in hiring.

Hiring & recruiting norms

But also, let’s not forget that the woman who (sadly) implemented this tactic and posted about it was also probably TRAINED this way. 

She shouldn’t have done it. She shouldn’t have posted about it. It shouldn’t be company policy. But it probably is. 

She is now the (unintentional) example to teach a lot of other people to put ethics above recruiting policies and long-held company norms. 

It’s probably at the expense of her career and reputation. 

Meanwhile, the company gets to continue implementing this exact unethical recruiting policy (along with the majority of other companies too). 

This example has highlighted that changes are way overdue in hiring and in so many company practices.

Company changes need to take place (they’re way overdue)

It’s obvious that change needs to take place. Changes are way overdue in hiring. And change is needed at the company level.

Here’s what we need from companies. 

  1. Companies need to revise their recruiting policies/norms..

The recruiter probably followed company policy to a T. If her company gave her a grade before she posted this on social media, they likely would have given her an A+.

  1. Salary needs to be transparent. 

If we had mandated and normalized salary transparency, this never would have happened in the first place. The talented person applying would have known the range and it would have been a fairer conversation. But we aren’t in that world (yet). Let’s keep advocating.

  1. Companies need to be held to ethical standards. 

We can’t expect recruiters to take this risk and jeopardize their career by going against company policy. Companies need to revise their policies to have ethical practices and norms.

changes are way overdue in hiring - Changes in hiring that need to take place

Companies need to be held accountable

Let’s not let companies that implement these norms and systems off so easily.

Let’s not pretend this is all on the recruiter. It isn’t. This is company policy in too many organizations, whether unwritten or explicit. Let’s hold companies accountable to change these terrible systems and situations that recruiters and candidates are forced to be in.

“They should have known better”

when people don't ask for enough - you should tell them

When people don’t ask for enough, we can’t keep thinking, “they should have known better”.

No they shouldn’t have. You should tell them. 

Tell people when their offer is too low. Let people know when they’re underpaid. Tell people they need to ask for more. Let them know when their skills are worth more. It’s obvious that changes are way overdue in hiring and these are a few ways we can change the course.

normalize telling people when their salary offer is too low

We have to do better. It is unethical to underpay people. So many don’t have the privilege of knowing.

Letting people know is one way we can change the pay gap. Let people know when they should be charging or asking for more. This is a simple way we can make change. 

Changes are way overdue in hiring

It’s undeniable that changes are way overdue in hiring. But we can make changes. We can be the change.

How are you creating change in the workplace?

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