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Need help preparing for your negotiation?

Get the Negotiation ‘Get It’ Guide!

Want negotiation tips and career advice?

You’re in the right place!

You’re in the right place!


Negotiation Tips

Quick tips to help you in your next negotiation

Honest Work Conversations

Telling it like it is. Real talk about work.


Career Strategizing

How to navigate items within your career.

Negotiation ‘Get It’ Guide

The Negotiation ‘Get It’ Guide is everything I wish I would have known before I negotiated for this first time, or the second time for that matter.

A simple 10-step workbook to help you ‘Get It’ in your next salary negotiation. A workbook for the before, during, and after. 

For those that are newer at negotiation or if you just need that extra push of accountability and a guided process to show just how much you kick a$* & to help you ‘get it’ in your next negotiation

Go on, get it!

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Career Talk & Negotiation Tips

Check out the blog – where there’s honest talk about what goes on at work & how to deal. Come along and learn the tips you need to have an edge in your negotiation.

New Ideas & Creating Change

New ideas & innovative approaches to work practices are taking place all the time. For those of us brave enough to think it, speak it, read it, & implement it, we can make change.

Let’s create change. Let’s talk about what’s working & what’s not working. Awareness is key. Check out the blog for tips, conversations, and strategies on how to create a workplace where we all want to work.

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Salary Expectations?

What are your salary expectations? Read to find out how to respond.

Get the goods!

All the FREEBIES so you can negotiate for your worth! Did I mention FREE?

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Negotiation Handbook

Timeline, prep & scripts so you can ace your next negotiation.

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21 Free Negotiation Tips

My favorite negotiation tips (I have a lot).

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35+ Items You Can Negotiate

There’s SO much you can negotiate. Get the list.

Why people love to tune in…

Specific Career Tips

Tips & strategies broken down into actionable steps.

Real Talk

We keep it real around here. No sugar coating what goes on at work.

Research & Opinions

Research backed information along with lived experience and opinions.

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About the Creator

Hi. I’m Molly & I’m obsessed with negotiation. I started off not knowing I could negotiate… I know… crazy, right?? I overheard a coworker talk about how she just had to negotiate. And that’s when it all began. 

My journey started out learning to negotiate for myself. I started the blog wanting to share what I learned. I was determined to make sure everyone else knew, too. Then it grew.

Now, it’s more than negotiation (it always was). It’s about equity in so many areas in the workplace. Read more on the about page. 

Blog posts people love…

how to talk to coworkers about pay

What people are saying about NegotiateThis…

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“Thanks to your tips, I negotiated a $55k offer to a $65k offer, coming from a $43k in person, going to $65k fully remote!”

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“Wanted to thank you for creating content that encouraged me to ask for paid maternity leave. I got it. So glad I didn’t wait around for the government… Appreciate what you’re doing here!”

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“Thank you for giving me the motivation to do better! … I made the decision to look elsewhere and now have a new offer for 25k more at a better company and am in the midst of negotiating the new offer.”

What’s in the handbook?

Negotiation timeline

A timeline of actions to take before, during, & after your negotiation

Negotiation prep

The steps you need to take to feel prepare for your negotiation

Negotiation scripts

Words you can use you in your negotiation! How to approach the topic, what to say if it goes your way, & what to say if it doesn’t.

What are you waiting for?

Go grab it! It’s free. Created to support you in your next negotiation.

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More free career resources

Free content is all around! Grab the free resources to help yo in your future negotiations & in your career.

21 Free Negotiation Tips

Read 21 of my favorite negotiation tips.

You’re the boss of your career.


How will you make it count?

Take action in your career. Nobody cares about your career more than you.

You are in charge.

You are the one who makes things happen.

So, what will you do to make your career count?

You are, after all, the boss of your career.

I’m rooting for you!

See you in the next post,

– Molly

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